Purchasing a New Property

Considering buying a new home or property? We would highly recommend an inspection to ensure the property is in good health. Now did you know that apart from your general home inspection there are specialized inspectors that use a moisture meter to inspect stucco? These types of inspections are key at identifying areas of concern that the naked eye can’t see. Your potential new home or property may look like a million bucks, but what you can’t see in this case can give you some costly stucco repairs later. Call us today for recommended inspectors in your area. If you already have an inspection report send it over to us and we will provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you may have. Video consultations are also offered.


Stucco is an excellent traditional cladding finish system. Historically, it has been the finish cladding of choice for quality building. New systems have been developed in order to accommodate new code requirements, building trends, and sustainability enhancements. There are two types of Stucco systems. Traditional stucco is a three coat system. The traditional system includes  scratch, brown, texture layers. This is more popular and widely used in the industry. EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) is a synthetic stucco system.

Stucco Sealant Application

 Sealants missing or severely cracked? This could be a serious red flag. Sealants on Stucco is a must and they need to be maintained. Sealants help to insure your property is waterproofed. The life span of sealants on a typical stucco home here in Houston, TX usually last between 2-5 years. Sometimes longer depending on the element’s it endures. A lot can effect the integrity of the sealant. Examples would be things like continuous direct sun exposure, strong storms, high winds, fluctuation in temperatures causing separation. Ensuring that sealant’s are always maintained is imperative for the integrity of stucco. Example of areas that require sealants include, windows, doors, metal caps, cable lines, A/C boxes, pipes, lights, cameras, roof flashings. Anything that penetrates or proceeds out of the stucco should be sealed. GY6 Built does offer sealant applications and also a routine visual maintenance check to help maintain these areas for you. 

Balcony Information

As new technology continues to improve, so does balcony waterproofing systems. Here at GY6 built we understand what it means to keep water out. No bandaids here. Proper sloping and drip edge flashing, and counter flashings details are critical when designing a balcony. Without these, water will find an entry point and can cause serious damage. Our balcony system is a water tight system. We’re also able to add custom finishes and custom colors. From tile designs, to natural stone designs. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.

Stucco Painting and Waterproofing

Stucco painting is considered to be a maintenance item for stucco. Painting is recommended on stucco to be done every 7-10 years using an elastomeric paint. This is also dependent upon the elements in which the paint is exposed to. Elastomeric paint is designed to give stucco an extra layer of waterproofing protection form the elements. Elastomeric paint helps to fill in small voids and bridge gaps between small hairline cracks. Elastomeric paint should be rolled on to allow for a proper coating. Stucco can last several lifetimes as long as its maintained.

Power Washing Stucco

Can I power wash my stucco? The answer is yes! Not everyone knows that stucco texture can be damaged from high PSI levels and the wrong tips when spraying. Pressure washing removes a majority of stains and marks. Pressure washing is effective at removing stains and mildew. Power washing does have its limitations. If you have stains that have been present for the past 20 years, don’t expect pressure washing to fully remove the stain. This may require the area to be painted. Calls us for more details.

Hairline Cracks

 Are cracks in stucco a problem?  Stucco can crack over time. When this occurs a hairline crack can develop. Hairline cracks are usually about 1/16th of inch in diameter. Having hairline cracks sealed as soon as possible will prevent further water intrusion. Hairline cracks that go undetected can continue to grow and allow for a greater water entry point. If this happens then the repair process is more involved, and can be costly depending on how long the crack remains unsealed. Routine checks on your property are highly recommended. 

Metal Caps

Do you have flat top stucco walls on a parapet wall or anywhere else? We would suggest installing a metal cap over the exposed flat surface. Remember stucco is a porous material. Stucco is designed to allow moisture to pass through it to a certain degree. Standing water on flat surfaces can allow for water intrusion. As waterproofing systems improve, we continue to improve waterproofing techniques as well. Special metal is used to avoid corrosion. Special paint is also used to ensure proper bonding. Metal caps can be painted to match just about any color.


We offer warranties on all of are work. Our warranties are transferable between homeowners and property owners. Please Call Today To Find Out More


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