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Stucco repairs, exterior repair, balcony work, and more!

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We support commercial/larger jobs as well!

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Stucco rehabilitation and new installation - all job sizes!

Exterior Jobs

Exterior repair (balconies, windows, doors, columns, etc.)

Houston's Top Stucco Contractors & Exterior Work Provider, GY6 Built!

GY6 Built offers professional stucco rehabilitation and new installation for residential and commercial properties. Stucco is an exciting way to transform your property and add curb appeal. GY6 Built works with many different realtors, builders, architects and other professionals that depend on our expertise and professionalism.

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The GY6 Built Process

Customer service is the top priority of our stucco contractors from project initiation through service rendering and warranty support.

1. Review Your Request

Our Stucco Contractors in Houston, TX will take the time to understand your project and request additional details, so we’re fully prepared!

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  • 1. Review Your Request
  • 2. Appointment Scheduling

    Our schedules can accommodate yours to ensure that it’s convenient and YES we can accept same days appointments!

    Emergency Service Available

  • 2. Appointment Scheduling
  • 3. Provide Quality Service

    We’ll arrive onsite analyze + perform service, and we also have warranties to support all of our services.

    Lifetime Service Provider

  • 3. Provide Quality Service
    • Need More Process Details?

      We totally understand! We might be doing a small or even a large job & we want all of our customers to know how our stucco contractors work in Houston, TX and surroundings!

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